Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Career brief of a Radiology Technician

If you desire to become a radiology technician, it would be better to know more about the job so that you may serve in a better way. The main job of any radiology technician is to do radiology tests for the patients. You would have to perform various tests like x-ray, etc. to determine the health of a patient. It would be better to say that as a technician, you would have to take care of the machinery which is used in the examination, control all the needed machinery and perform tests on the patients as suggested by the medical officer.

Surely it is not easy to perform all the tasks but if you intend to work as a radiology technician, you would have to learn all of them as these are essential duties of any technician. You would also have to take care of the patient while performing the tests. It is your duty to look after the comfort of the patient so that the tests may be done without any inconvenience. You also need to keep a record of the patients’ progress. Apart from all these tasks, you would have to keep the paperwork of the machineries up to date so that in case of any requirement, you may make them available. This may include the purchase bills and servicing receipts, etc.

Job Opportunities


Health industry is having a massive growth with time. This growth has opened good opportunities for health care professionals. If you are a radiology tech or soon going be one, there is no problem in getting a job in any hospital or diagnostic laboratory. All you have to keep in mind is that the institute from where you are doing your course should be recognized with the council and the course should be up to the norms settled by the council. With special short term courses, you can easily avail better knowledge and specialization in some areas. The subjects which fall under this course are - Radiation Therapist, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound Technician, Bone Densitometrist, Etho-cardiographer, Mammography Technician and MRI Technician.

You can choose any of these subjects so that you may get better job opportunities.


Remuneration of any job depends on various factors. This condition applies on this profession as well. As a radiology technician, it is not difficult to earn good. All you need to do is to take care of few things which can affect your salary. Your qualification is the first factor which can bring you good salary. Also, if you have good experience with it, that will prove to be the best combination which any hospital or diagnostic lab looks for. Apart from these factors, the location and standard of the organization, which you want to join, also affect the salary. A private huge multi specialty hospital can afford to pay you a better salary in comparison to a private nursing home. to join this huge organization, you have to work hard to earn credentials which may impress the employer to offer you the job of a radiology tech.